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tatting and lace

gyrlcentric in stitch_n_tat

My Sink is Still Shiny

I have kept my sink Shiny for over a week now. My family is responding to it and my kitchen looks better all the time even though it is not completely decluttered and organized. I also cleared my bed last weekend and it has stayed mostly cleared all week too. The bed being cleared and my laundry hung in the closet made it necessary for me to clear a way to easily reach the closet every day to access my clothing and the closet is on the side of the room I do my sewing. That side of the room is not completely cleared enough to work in yet but it is better and I cleared my sewing table today.

I am making progress which is better than I have done all year. The tough part is that I still have not figured out how to organize my things without becoming obsessive about it. That is my next challenge but just getting my sewing area usable and my house out of CHAOS will be awesome!

Just a Little
with ~brat~


I'm on a organising kick too.. not really quite as FlyLady as you are, but it's good to see other people progressing too!

Getting it together :)

I am only starting and the only thing I have been able to do reliably the last week+ is keep my sink shiny. I am still amazed at the effect just that one little thing has had on us and the kitchen.

Are you naturally good at organizing or are you using a method from someone else?