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Polaroid Foot

kisbee in stitch_n_tat

More tatting questions!

Sorry.. I'm going to keep asking because it's driving me nuts!

So I've realised that when I close a ring, I pull the cut end rather than the shuttle end of the thread. That's obviously not right, but I can't get it to work the other way, no matter which way I flip my knot. You do a complete double stitch before the end of a ring, don't you?

The next questions is do you have linking threads that you need to cut off if you do a non-edging design?

Sorry I'm asking so many basic questions!


Your questions are completely welcome. Are you by any chance left handed or ambidextrous? It sounds as if you are working your stitches on to the shuttle thread, even with the cut end being the end that pulls free no matter if you pop.

On a ring, you would indeed complete each double stitch then pull the ring.

I know you have been to many sites to get information, have they included the sites recommended here? I recommend the following posts if you haven't already checked them out:


Thanks, I'll have a look!

I'm right handed, but what you say about the shuttle thread is interesting...I'll have to look at my hand position again.